As the only Day-Care Center in the Podbeskidzie region, Basic Steps offers a CLIL method that introduces children to the English language in a natural way based on an innovative program introduced by Felicity Coughlan, which was prepared on the basis of the Polish curriculum under the auspices of MEN (Ministry of National Education). Classes are run by a team of qualified English-speaking teachers (native speakers) and Polish teachers who know English.

   We are particularly sensitive towards the needs of children with allergies, both respiratory and food allergies. We provide individual diets for our children with the cooperation of the Department of Pediatrics, Gastroenterology and Allergology. We seek to change children's diets in small steps. First of all, we shape good eating habits for the future by running different classes, including culinary collaboration with "Zdrowy Przedszkolak", earning a certificate for Health Promoting Kindergarten.
   In addition to the English language program our kindergarten participate in a lot of interesting Polish projects both nationwide and within the kindergarten area. We participate in : "Zdrowy Przedszkolak" , "Coloured Tuesdays" (culinary classes, during which we prepare healthy cakes, muffins, salads and sandwiches), "Green Garden", "Pyramid of Preschooler Nutrition", "Mom, Dad i prefer to drink water "," Sport is good for health "," Academy of Aqua Fresh ", "Winnie the Friends of Nature", "Clean up the World", "Forest Adventure", "Poland Reads books to Kids". We also run blocks of mathematical science and literary .The goal of kindergarten "First Steps" is the desire to educate young children, open them to the world around and teach them how to interact in a social group. We select attractive and innovative ways of working with children, using the method of Good Start by prof. Marta Bogdanowicz, elements of the methods of Rudolf von Laban and methods of Veronica Sherborne.