Enrollment for the New school year 2016/2017

 In order to enroll your child to kindergarten, it is necessary to take set of documents (application form and contract) from the front desk.

 Fees in the new school year 2016/2017

  • Nursery 1 – 2,5 year olds - 795 zł per month
  • 2,5 - 6 year olds group - 795 zł per month

In order to fully enroll your child to kindergarten:

  • Completed documents must be submitted
  • Payment of the first fee must be made

You, as our current enrolled families, can make first fee payment not up to 7 days from the date of documents delivering but to June 10th.

According to the current payment system, Your payments end in May so in connection with that, June is the month when You can make payments for the new school year without accumulation of two fees.

Parents enrolling a second child to our Kindergarten, will receive an additional monthly discount in the amount of 50 zł. Your monthly payments will be reduced on the above discount.

 Dear Parents!

Crossing the nursery threshold is a very important moment in the child’s and Parent’s life. We all want this process of adaptation to the new environment and teachers to be as pleasant as it could be.

It would be wonderful for your child want to go to the Nursery , to happily part with you in the locker room, willingly walk to the class, eat meals with a good appetite, quietly relax during the nap time and greet you with smile when it’s time to go home. We want to help you in this period so we have prepared adaptive classes for you.

In order to enrol your child at the Nursery please come to the reception desk to take a set of documents.
We also invite you to come to our Nursery – individual times can be arranged at the reception desk. At that time we will show you around, present a normal day in our kindergarten and also explain the English language aspect. You can observe the classes led by Polish or English teachers (native speakers) and also ascertain how easily the children switch languages.

Please call us as soon as possible in order to register.

Telephone number 33 81 81 262 or e-mail przedszkole@anglojezyczne.pl